!! !! In start menu, left & right Arrow Key to change mode. !! !!

Player(Pig) dig money, buy tool to dig and dig deep.

How To Play (If you mobile, X→x, Z →o.)

  1.  First, at Store. you buy Tools to dig. if you get enough, Go to dig.
  2. Second, Digging time. Key Z to select tools, X to use tools.
  3.  Back to 1. If you lost all tools, Game Over.

About mode

How to Play --- shows how to play. z key to japanese.Zキーで日本語化。
Normal --- You try to dig 10F.
Endless --- Endless mode. You can dig forever.
Cheat mode -- -Each 100 tools. This is for practice.


  1.  If you want to change only angle, you aim Up. Then You change only angle with arrow key.
  2. Listen to Sonar well.
  3. In low levels, Bomb works well. In high levels, Drill go well. But You can't climb up hole. Need rope.

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This game is made for Ludum Dare 48. 48 hours Development and added a little fix.

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